Monday’s ALL BASES COVERED ALerT!! ~ Telupay International Inc. OTCQB: (TLPY)

On Alert For Monday: Telupay International Inc. OTCQB: (TLPY)

Telupay International Inc.
TLPY is my Early Call for Monday.  When I say Early Call… I mean that I will be one of the first Newsletters covering TLPY.  Being the first means that my readers have a chance to look TLPY over before the rest of the herd… and that means maximizing profits!!
Smart phones have allowed us to do thing so easily today. We can now deposit checks via our phones by just taking pictures of them. With mobile banking expected to keep growing in the next decade, it’s stocks like our new alert,TLPY, that should be looked at!

TLPY has developed the next generation of secure mobile banking and payments technology designed for banks, mobile operators, credit card companies, micro-finance and other financial institutions.

A big part of mobile banking’s future is predicted to be in Asia and the Philippines. Research firm Berg Insight predicts that mobile financial services will grow to 894 million users globally, with growth to be driven by the Asian region. More Asian consumers will be adapting to smart phones and the mobile demand.This growth potential is what could put a company like TLPY quickly on the map! TLPY has a well-established position in the Philippines with its mobile banking and payment service installed in four major banks and one ATM switch, providing over 15 million Filipinos access to mobile financial services.
Earlier this week Apple launched something huge for mobile banking called Apple Pay.This is a new mobile payment service that some experts have said is safer than traditional credit cards. Apple is not the only big company to launch a mobile payment service. Google has Google Wallet, a mobile payment system that allows its users to store debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards.
At these levels TLPY should be at the center of your trading screen!
In late 2009, the founders of TelUPay noticed the opportunity and necessity of building a “bank-grade,” secure, mobile banking and payment platform. The founders reached out and found an enterprising team of young men that built Globe Telecom’s mobile remittance platform for G-Cash in 2005. These pioneers in mobile banking came together with the founders and formed TelUPay in early 2010.
TelUPay International Inc. (OTCQB:TLPY) is the parent company of the TelUPay Group, which has developed the “Next Generation” of secure mobile banking and payments technology designed for banks, mobile operators (MNOs), money transfer operators (MTOs), payment processors, retailers/merchants, credit card companies, microfinance, large corporations and other financial institutions.
The TelUPay Group customizes its services and continuously develops new mobile applications that derive new revenue streams for its clients. Using best-of-breed technology, TelUPay’s bank-grade mobile banking and payment service uses the most secure encryption technology available today for both the bank and the end-user. TelUPay’s mobile service includes; transfers between accounts, peer-to-peer fund transfers (remittances) both domestically and internationally, bill payments, merchant payments, mobile airtime purchases, balance inquiries, mPOS transactions, both Card Present and Card Not Present and a host of other services designed to provide the ultimate convenience to the consumer at the lowest possible cost.
TelUPay’s mWallet is a stand-alone, server-side, mobile account technology specifically designed for Mobile Operators, Money Transfer Operators and other large network operators. TelUPay’s mWallet is a full-featured mobile account with all the security (encryption) and functionality that is found in TelUPay’s MBPS service. The low cost operation of mobile mWallet accounts provides TelUPay’s clients with the maximum flexibility in its marketing initiatives and customer acquisition/retention strategies.
TelUPay’s system can be configured where unbanked consumers get an mWallet account upon enrolling in the service. Unbanked consumers must comply with the appropriate KYC requirements. The unbanked consumer would load their accounts with funds via POS terminals or at participating banks or other merchant encashment locations.
Mobile ATM (ATM Lite)
This product enables consumers to have all the facilities of an ATM service. Registration with the user’s bank allows the consumer to pre-authorize an amount of money to be available to spend. This can be in the form of paying for goods and services or enabling fast cash access. Registered retailers will be linked to the users mobile and be paid securely for goods or guaranteed finds when offering cash back.
The available funds are held centrally in a Nostro account on behalf of the participating bank. Settlement can be done daily or more frequently. The benefit to the consumer is ready access to liquid funds whether holding a bank account or not. The benefit to the retailer is they can reduce their cash holding and therefore save costs, and the benefit to the banks is they retain access to the “available “funds until they are spent.
TelUPay’s portfolio of its ‘4th Generation’ technology is an ATM enabling technology which leverages banks existing global investments in ATM networks to compliment them by:
  • Assist them to compete in a ‘declining demand for cash market’ by enabling mobile real-time money.
  • Assist them to compete in a market where ‘debit cards’ diminish the need for cash withdrawals by competing with the cards as the method of consumer preference.
  • Produce significant new revenues leveraging the faster ATM networks for multiple channels including, mobile point of sale, mobile retail cash withdrawals and mobile billing.
  • Enable customer retention against competing products and the ability to compete with startups.
  • Enable the future design of far more intelligent consumer and value added strategic retail products for the future markets, which will facilitate both Bank and Consumer benefits.

Corporate Presentation

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Highlights and key points
Providing some additional research on the mobile banking space that I think are the best for describing the industry and the growth/opportunity as follows:
1.  Mobile Money for the unbanked – State of the Industry 2013 – Excellent current report on general industry info for mobile banking for the unbanked – Shows how there is only 16% penetration in SE Asia our major target region – Shows the potential of the industry
2. Mobile Payments go Viral – M–Pesa in Kenya – Shows the opportunity and value of mobile banking in the developing world with M-Pesa the most successful (some say the only successful) deployment of mobile banking in the developing world   – M-Pesa had US $252M in net revenue in its 5th year of operation with 17M subscribers (basically all of Safaricom’s subscriber base). Philippine market is 4 times the size and Indonesia is 10 times the size of market.
3. Report predicts 894M mobile banking users by 2015 – Shows growth potential of mobile banking users
4. CGAP Landscape Study International remittances – Excellent info on the revenue made per transaction in mostly the developing world
5. Research and Markets mobile payments – Extent and growth potential of mobile payments industry
6. Bios Capital mobile power point – Great growth info on m-commerce and m-payments – Shows the huge growth in Asia our primary region

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