$PKGM is now trading at a dip, giving an end-of-day opportunity for bargain bin shares.

The Hunt for the Next 10 Bagger – $PKGM is now trading at a dip.  $PKGM is now trading at a dip, giving an end-of-day opportunity for bargain bin shares. .055s bidding and .065s asking, we’ve seen .075s hit today. There seems to be opportunity here.

PKGM Prepares Title for Publisher


New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 3, 2014 / Pocket Games, Inc. (OTC Pink: PKGM) (PKGM), a video game development and publishing company, today announced that it has completed work on its PC game title, Idol Hands, and is preparing to hand over the title to its publishing partner.


Idol Hands is a Strategy Game whereby the player takes the role of a God and gradually takes over a land, populates it with his people and builds farms, temples, workshops, garrisons and houses. Set in a fantastical tropical island world where the player has God-like powers over volcanoes, earthquakes and meteors as well as having the responsibility to make sure his people, the Furlings, grow and prosper when faced with evil Gods from other worlds.


Originally developed in partnership with Intel(TM) and distributed as an OEM title with Creative Labs(TM) Senz3D(TM), Pocket Games signed a contract to acquire the title from Fluid Games Ltd early in 2014 and has spent much of the year upgrading the play, removing the requirement for the motion technology and implementing a new interaction system.


Pocket Games, Inc. trades on the OTC Marketplace as a Fully Reporting Company and has 15,540,000 issued and outstanding shares, of which 7,240,000 are free trading. The Company trades under the symbol of PKGM.


CEO of Pocket Games, Inc., David Lovatt, speaking from the 2014 Golden Joystick Awards(TM) for the Video Games Industry in London recently, stated “We are proud to release Idol Hands as our first title. We intend to go to market on the largest PC download sites in existence today, putting the title in front of an audience of millions of users.” He continued, “We will be announcing our publishing partner and release date soon. Shareholders and game players alike will be incredibly excited by the opportunity this new relationship holds.”


While the price for the game has not been set, it is a premium title, which typically commands a retail price of approximately $20.00 per unit. The quality of the design, the gameplay and of the artwork certainly calls for a price point that implies huge revenue possibilities from the game’s sales.


A short video of the game can be found at the Company’s website as well as artwork available for download – http://www.pocketgamesinc.com/


Contact invest@pocketgamesinc.com for more information


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