$OTHM Shareholder UPDATES: “Oriens future is PURE with Assets and Revenue :


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The PURE-ification of Oriens

Relax and PURE On


Our X- Day is upon us, be humble.

Not so long ago, companies like C, YRCW and GM were either reversing or going bankrupt. There were no ticker tape parades for their efforts to stave off distinction, only disgruntled shareholders and commentators who chose to quarterback the board of directors every decision in a negative light.

Let’s be honest, we too have several Market quarterbacks out there. They are disenfranchised haters/bashers and are more than willing to tell us where we went wrong.  But at the end of the day, they are just names on a blog; they do not sit on the Board of Directors of this Company, and they for sure are not CNBC commentators. What they lack in knowledge, they make up for in tenacity in speaking mistruths on various websites.

Oriens future is PURE. The Company did what it had to do. It was set in motion months ago.  Shareholders have been advised of the CEO’s intentions the entire time. There are no surprises here…move along, there is nothing to see – if all you want to do is second guess.

At the end of the day a company has to first, do what it can to survive, then, do what it must to grow; especially when you are a company with assets and revenue.  This Company has done both.

Your humbled Team


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Costa Rican Times Publishes Article on Oriens/Pure Hospitality Solutions

Oriens Travel and Hotel Management Acquires Interest in Bahia Encantada Condos in Jaco

The Costa Rican Times did an excellent article on Oriens/ Pure Hospitality Solutionsyesterday. We encourage shareholders and interested parties to read this informative piece. It highlights The Bahia Encantada and all her amenities, from personal services to location, and everything in-between.

The Bahia Encantada is the first property purchased since the company merged with ENetwork de Costa Rica. This stunning facility boasts two and three bedroom condos as well as penthouses. These units/condo’s are rented daily or weekly.

With peak tourism around the corner, Team Oriens/Pure remind everyone “The goal is to rent all of the Bahia Encantada units. This means nice and consistent cash flows for the 4th Quarter of 2014 and 1st Quarter of 2015. So if you are a stakeholder, you may want to help achieve the goal of the company and market those condos!”


Team Oriens/Pure

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The Entropy of Oriens – PART I

Good Morning Shareholders of Oriens/PURE Hospitality Solutions!

EMBRACE CHANGE NOW as today I want speak with you about the Entropy of Oriens.

First, as defined by the Merriam Webster online dictionary (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/entropy), Entropy is:

  1. a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system’s disorder, that is a property of the system’s state, and that varies directly with any reversible change in heat in the system and inversely with the temperature of the system; broadly : the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system
  1. a: the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity

b: a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder

  1. chaos, disorganization, randomness

Sound familiar?

For all of you science buffs, this would in-part describe the ‘Big Bang Theory.’

The key idea of this cosmological model is that the universe is expanding from a much denser past. Whereby the genesis of today’s modern world stems from a single source which was once tightly organized and extremely controlled. This of course until the BANG!   Then came absolute chaos.

Before I go on, I want for you to imagine having a nice tall glass of water. Mmmm.

Now drop it.   What happens when that glass meets the floor? The impact causes the glass to shatter, break and disburse into dozens if not hundreds of pieces and particles of glass. The water goes everywhere, even places not realized. This is the BANG!

Now… no matter what you do, there is no force in the entire universe that can perfectly bring that glass back together again, returning every single drop of water to its contents. The chaos remains. Just like with the universe, the chaos from the BANG ensued and there is no force in the universe that will ever bring it back to the same exact and precise origin.

Thus, in essence, Entropy is ultimately the measure of the disorder of a system.

Entropy = (Boltzmann’s constant k) x logarithm of number of possible states = k log(N)


The only thing that can be done in the case of Entropy, is to create order from disorder by introducing balancing elements in to the chaos.

In the case of the glass of water, you grab a broom and a mop… maybe even a vacuum to make sure you picked up all of the microscopic pieces the naked eye missed, and get to cleaning up the mess and disorganization created by the drop.

The universe began its ‘clean up,’ or, creating order from disorder, by introducing the balancing element of cooling; cooling itself enough to allow for the formation of protons, neutrons, electrons, etc. Then, depending on what you believe, over the next 10 to 15 billion years came the creation of the ‘heavens and earth.’

What the heck does this have to do with Oriens? Everything.

Oriens wasn’t always the Oriens you know today. You know… this chaos called Oriens that so many of you shareholders have come accustomed to living with. So much so, that for whatever reason, you actually wish so desperately to hold on to the Oriens you know today.

However, this is not the original Oriens. No, not at all.

Oriens stemmed from a very controlled idea. An idea of creating an impressive booking engine model that would be ahead of its time. A model that would take advantage of new internet protocols which would ultimately push Oriens branding and booking model to the forefront.

However, as soon as that purest idea was taken and introduced into the micro-cap public environment… BANG! Chaos ensued, and disorder began.

Oriens originated from the good intentions of Mr. Ken Chua. He had amazing dreams. He had a notion of what Oriens would set out to do. Of what Oriens should become. Of what Oriens would bring to the micro-cap marketplace. Sadly, that notion was quickly eradicated and utterly disrupted by the grossly negative influences of the micro-cap markets.

Toxic fundings, naked shorters, board bashers, expensive self-serving I.R. campaigns, misuse of relevant and irrelevant information, the lack of a well-balanced legal/operational environment for the micro-cap markets, etc. None of these elements contributed to an organized, controlled and ‘orderly’ deployment and/or development of a sincere idea.

But I am here to tell all of the shareholders of Oriens…., that it is ok.   Do not fret, because just as Chef Didier (Grard Depardieu) tells Georgia (Queen Latifah) in the adaptation of J.B. Priestley’s LAST HOLIDAY, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish!”

I need the shareholders of Oriens to understand one thing. The Company as you once knew it, was in chaos. Oriens was holding an unimaginable amount of debt, with little to no assets, minimal revenue if any at all, and just enough incompetence at the executive level to cause a lot of discomfort. I am confident that this reverse split will cause far less discomfort in comparison, and support the true value that has already been delivered to the Company through this acquisition/merger.

As Keith Meister would say, ‘Embrace change now,’ as I intend to run this Company with no care for what once was, but to focus solely on what is and what must be accomplished.

My job is not to bring Oriens to its original state. No force in the known universe can reverse that kind of disorder.   BUT, what I can do… and what WE will do together, is begin to shift the balance of disorder to order. This will be done by introducing the following “cooling” elements:

  • Inserting quantifiable assets into Oriens… CHECK
  • Begin generating revenues… CHECK
  • Develop a viable, deployable business plan… CHECK
  • Reverse split the stock & restructure company… Next Step

Fellow shareholders, I mean business here!

I for one cannot live in a universe of complete disorder and chaos. Anyone who dares complain about a reverse split as a means to begin balancing the chaos currently known as OTHM is either an idiot, or a self-serving selfish jerk who cares nothing about the overall growth and value of this Company. If that idiot or self-serving selfish jerk be you, consider yourself warned. Go find some other Company to try and keep in disorder. The universe of Oriens will cool and continue to expand; creating extraordinary galaxies, bright stars and wonderful worlds to explore.

Believe me when I tell you we will not get there overnight. It might even take getting the crap kicked out of us every now and again to develop as wonderfully as we will. But the take away here ladies and gentlemen, just like our earth and universe as you know it today, with persistence and a conscious and continuous mindfulness of balancing disorder, the Oriens universe will become a magnificent place to behold. I can only hope that you will be amongst its inhabitants at that time.

Embrace Change Now.   Next step… reverse split… the ultimate cooling element.


Melvin Pereira
President & CEO

Excerpt Bullet Points from CEO

Over the next six months, I intend to: 

  • Complete the merger of E-Net and Oriens;
  • Integrate our current assets into Oriens;
  • Complete any viable open acquisitions Oriens began;
  • Raise additional capital;
  • Look to add one or two additional properties to the real estate portfolio before year-end;
  • Rename, rebrand, restructure and reposition the Company;
  • Complete the audit with a view to up-list to a higher exchange;
  • Re-launch the retooled version of the FROL online booking engine;
  • Re-launch the HotelPure brand under new image and business model; and,
  • Begin creating a comprehensive GDS packaging system to make this Company a viable candidate for possible partnerships with airlines and hotel chains.

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