Iron Ore Price Fluctuation Does Little to Sway Offer from Britannia’s Financier

Excellent post here, $BMIN on the move here..

Britannia Mining

iron oreIron Ore prices are down! This is true. However…

Despite a downward economic prediction worldwide, at the recent G20 in Brisbane this past November, there was some encouraging commentary about measures to be introduced as a possible strategy to stimulate future market growth. An aspect which was highlighted is infrastructure development.

“World leaders pledged 800 separate measures designed to lift their combined economic growth by an additional 2.1% above the current trajectory by 2018 compared with 2013 – a measure the IMF and OECD have calculated would add more than US$2tn (£1.3tn) and millions of jobs to the global economy. Much of the growth would come from infrastructure investment”

In this case, infrastructure does not just include roads, buildings, schools, etc. This also includes power plants and other load bearing walls/structures that mainly rely on one thing… Steel. And what is steel compromised of?

Iron Ore people, Iron Ore.


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