PSID on ALERT, ADD PositiveID, Corp (OTCQB: PSID) to your watchlist!

PSID on ALERT, ADD PositiveID, Corp (OTCQB: PSID) to your watchlist!

There are many reasons why: Research analysts have come up with targets of .48 to .55. Some of those analyst targets make our toes curl from what we are told. In our own research we have found that Revenue is rising from near-zero to maybe 6M this year. That’s a multi-bagger right there. PSID is trading below 12-month sales and full of opportunity and it’s knocking at our door! PSID is the company with virus detection systems developed in league with the Pentagon.

All it takes is the right headline to unlock that story or newest company milestone can be a catalyst, or Maybe it’s other guys chattering about PSID. All I know is that as eager as PSID is to break thru resistance, you can’t wait for the opening bell to get here soon enough.

Let’s keep this short and sweet. Load the chart for PSID and First thing you’ll notice is how PSID has spent the last week punching through the YTD upper trend and Normally this kind of long strong triangle is a coiled spring, too tempting to ignore ,. but this one is already churning the waters.

Maybe PSID has already technically busted out, in which case that upper trend converts into the new floor and the action keeps moving. If so, it’s early stages. If not, don’t you want to be in position when it does? Because those of you who remember PSID from the Ebola crisis, know this is the company with the virus detection systems.
Get Ready for a Day Of Potential Profits and PSID is itching to make a more convincing move this week rocking the headlines again when PSID was soaring 3 digits on big waves of fear.
What’s important for us is how PSID has been trying to remember where it “should” trade, and .48 to .55 is a target many research analysts have given to PSID.
We have our eyes feasting on PSID, the boards maybe ramping up with consistent chatter, and rumors of news rampant, and for this reason is why trading on rumors and selling on news works for many investors, get in before the run. Many times rumors are true and News comes and Holders Regret While Sellers Celebrate.
Highlights for PSID
• Last Year PSID saw large gains from the current .02 level; can we see a repeat this year?
• PSID has been punching through the YTD upper trend.
• Analyst’s targets are looking attractive. Some of those targets
• Revenue is could be going from being near nothing to maybe 6M this year.

This is exactly the type of trade we look for pre-market for our portfolio, with a possible volume Surge at open. Once again put PSID on your watch list as highly Urgent, and don’t miss the profits.

As always remember do your own research and lock profits when you have it, our personal trading philosophy. GLTA


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