SPYR SPYR, Inc. – $SPYR Enters Multi-Billion Dollar

SPYR SPYR, Inc. – $SPYR Enters Multi-Billion Dollar.

$SPYR Enters Multi-Billion Dollar Mobile Games & Apps Market OTC QB:(SPYR) http://allbasescoveredstocks.blogspot.com/2015/03/spyr-enters-multi-billion-dollar-mobile.html

More Info:

$SPYR is building a portfolio of online brands following the Conde’ Nast revenue generation model >>


DENVER, CO–(Marketwired – March 24, 2015) – SPYR, INC. (SPYR), a holding company with wholly-owned subsidiaries in the digital publishing and advertising industry and in the food service industry, recently announced the acquisition of Franklin Networks, Inc. (“FNI”) and the Company’s entry into the digital publication and advertising space. Today, the Company described the following revenue generating assets that were included in the acquisition, as follows:

1. Entrée.com features relevant articles about sophisticated epicurean delights and recipes from authors all over the country. Unique to Entrée.com is its recipe recommendation platform that learns visitors’ preferences and behaviors, and then matches them with recipes they may like to try.

2. Flawless.com features content from a variety of knowledgeable authors on beauty, fashion, shopping and industry trends. Engaging articles paired with beautiful images, Flawless.com is a wonderful source for the latest in fashion and beauty.

3. Gladiators.com features current topics related to fitness, weight loss, and health, written by a team of industry writers. From fitness enthusiasts to beginners, Gladiators.com has something for everyone wanting to live a stronger, healthier life.

4. ParentingPad.com covers topics from pregnancy and childbirth to motherhood and parenting. It has the highest level of interaction of all the sites in SPYR’s publishing network, which means followers frequently share and comment on posts made by ParentingPad.com creating brand loyalty.

5. Grubbr.com features articles and recipes from “quick & easy” dishes and seasonal favorites to special occasions and dinners. Grubbr.com focuses on dishes and articles that will appeal to any palette.

6. GuiltyTravel.com features a wide variety of articles on travel and leisure, with topics that range from family vacations to adventure tours to seasonal and romantic getaways. With so many people looking for great travel ideas and tips, a reference source like GuiltyTravel.com should become very popular.

7. Nutristic.com focuses on an ever-popular topic: nutrition. Born out of the demand for healthy eating alternatives and lifestyles, Nutristic.com features articles on nutrition, health and wellness that are written by a team of experienced nutritionists and wellness advocates.

8. Crumb.com features food-related videos from around the web including instructional cooking videos to food-related humor. Crumb.com appeals to foodies everywhere.

According to CEO James R. Thompson, the Company is excited about its acquisition and ownership of such successful and robust branded websites and what it means for the Company’s future: “We know that consumers are looking for engaging content that includes the functionality that is a feature of our new assets,” he says. “The quality of the content and functionality they offer is outstanding and we’re excited about what’s ahead for us.”

“The implicit value of this acquisition is in the platform, network, and personnel, all of which will begin to come to light in the coming months as we explore opportunities for horizontal expansion into other areas of the interactive digital media world. These sites represent only a small portion of the promising potential on which SPYR and its team seek to capitalize,” concluded Mr. Thompson.

About SPYR, INC.

SPYR, INC. is a holding company that through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Franklin Networks, Inc., is engaged in digital publishing and advertising operations and through its other wholly-owned subsidiary, E.A.J.: PHL, Airport Inc., owns and operates an “American Diner” theme restaurant located in the Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called “Eat at Joe’s®.” The Company is currently exploring opportunities for additional acquisitions in these and other verticals, including mobile application and game development, in order to expand its holdings, to drive and increase revenue and to generate profits and build value for shareholders.


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